» 3 Quotes In Pursuit Of Happiness And Money

  • http://buildingabrandonline.com/helenlingard/ Helen Lingard

    Always love your posts Louisa :) and this was no different

  • Di

    yes always at the bottom of it all is our believe in ourselves.. thank you Louisa Di

  • Steve Krivda

    I like Frank Lloyd Wright’s quote. It’s all about belief

  • http://www.suzannesobers.com/ Suzanne Sobers

    Loved this post Louisa! The belief really does make it happen!

  • http://buildingabrandonline.com/helenlingard/ Helen Lingard

    This too shall Pass… There is always someone worse off..and ‘possible for them possible for me’.. thanks Louisa.. another great post – just sharing my ‘things’ to keep me happy… and yes Belief in Ourselves is Paramount ps loved your recent video :)

  • Tess Kazooba-Kuri

    Thanks Louisa …Thanks for the amazing quotes. We should keep all this with us to remind us what is important. Thanks again.

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Yes, thnks Tess.

  • http://www.freedompreneurbutterfly.com Stephanie D’Laroy

    Beautiful quotes Louisa I definitely resonated with all of them. Thanks for sharing :)

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Glad you like them. Sometimes something just hits a chord.

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