» 7 Places to Post Your Blog for the New Blogger

  • Cathy Fraser

    great ideas Louisa! Like the tip about Instagram

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks Cathy!

  • Christine Desmond

    This is very helpful for bloggers. Writing the post is just the beginning…

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Yes, the syndication can take almost as long!

  • http://www.johanpersyn.com/ Johan Persyn

    Hiy, I guess the link to your Youtube channel doesn’t work. Indeed, you have to send your email list even when you just have one, Thank you for letting me in your syndication group. I definitely have to look for some groups in Facebook and Google can you recommended some? Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks Johan. Link is now fixed. I always appreciate when people take the time to point out broken links! The groups to look out for are any that are related to home business and working at home.Also some blogging groups are open and not really syndication groups. Try those to start with.

  • Kim Williams

    Louisa – thanks for this great post. I guess I should check my status on some of those ‘other’ social media sites like Linked In….thanks for the reminder on where we can post!!

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Great, Kim. There are so many places you can put your blog.

  • Angie Hakner

    This is a really helpful post for the newbie blogger Louisa. I generally share to most of these but will look at stumble upon and Reddit too thanks!

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks, Angie! Keep blogging!

  • Beth Tomasovic

    Louisa! This is a fantastic post for newbies and even seasoned bloggers to keep yourself organized and on track. Thank you so much! I just printed this and will refer to it all the time.

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Yes, thank, it is for the beginner, to stop overwhelm!

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