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Honestly, What Is The Point Of Blogging For Business?

So what you really want is for people to see what you have,
and then to buy it, don’t you?
Lots of people. And you are prepared to do whatever you think necessary to do it?
And you have vaguely thought blogging might be a good idea, but not got round to it yet?
Honestly, What Is The Point Of Blogging For Business?

Why Am I Not Successful? An Eric Thomas Story

Eric Thomas has a great way of talking.
He knows what he is talking about, because he did it.
From the street to earning seven figures.
So when you are thinking:
Why Am I Not Successful?

One Crucial Thing Preventing Your Business Success

What is the one crucial thing preventing your business success?
Just one you ask?
Well, let’s look at it.

Copying or Modelling In Business: Jesus And James

So when you are new in business, starting out,
you want to follow people who are more successful than you,
don’t you?
But the main skill you have to develop is one of modelling others
Not copying.
I have a little story about Jesus and James.

An Eric Thomas Speech | Motivation From The Hip Hop Preacher

Some days you need motivation, don’t you find?
And those are the days I might choose to listen to an Eric Thomas speech.
Like this one.

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