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3 Stellar Reasons to Have a Dog when You Work at Home.

OK, so a dog is a man’s best friend, but is a dog a good business partner?
Well, let’s see what a dog can do for you.

5 Songs to Make You Move

What songs do you remember that the minute you hear them you start to move.
And you might even start dancing, with or without a partner.
So, just to make you feel better, to do your workout to, or just to sing along to.

Why can I not make money on the internet? Health matters.

Are you struggling to make money online? Are you wondering ” Why can I not make money on the internet?” Here is a plan to assess yourself and get you back on track. Health matters.

Change Your Diet, Love Yourself | Improve Your Productivity

Do you know that what what you eat has a big effect on your productivity and how you perform? But do you put that knowledge into action? It is so easy not to. Eating well, and looking after your body is a way of loving yourself.

The Walk of Life: how to live longer

So you have been sitting all day at your computer, and you can’t be bothered to get up and move?
A recent study has found that it is more important to exercise, than to be the right weight, in order to live longer.

4 Things You Are Not Told About Losing Weight

Do you struggle with losing weight, and wonder if all the effort and the will-power required is worth it? There are things that you maybe don’t realise that losing weight will do for you.