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Why Am I Not Successful? An Eric Thomas Story

Eric Thomas has a great way of talking.
He knows what he is talking about, because he did it.
From the street to earning seven figures.
So when you are thinking:
Why Am I Not Successful?

3 Basic Things That Affect Your Success | Tony Robbins Tells All

3 Basic Things That Affect Your Success
So it doesn’t matter which bit of your life you are trying to change,
It doesn’t matter what task it is you’re trying to do,
If you’re not getting it done look at these three things.
And yes, they are pretty basic.

Your Own Path: How to Achieve Success Your Way

Have you looked at other people and wondered why you can’t do what they are doing?
Because they seem to be doing OK, and you can’t do it that way?

Why Do You Want to Talk To People?

We are social beings .
Our thoughts and decisions and actions are difficult in part because you worry how it is going to affect other people and how they are going to react.
We need support from others.
Comfort and challenge.

I Can’t Make You Love Me…Can I?

I can’t make you love me.
I can’t make you do anything, in fact.

One Cool Technique to Remember Your Daily Affirmations and Rewire Your Brain

How do you remember to do your affirmations every day?
Repeating affirmations gives you confidence in your ability to overcome difficulties and to set you on a better path.
But it is easy to forget them in your daily routine.
Here is a great way of putting them naturally into your day.

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