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Copying or Modelling In Business: Jesus And James

So when you are new in business, starting out,
you want to follow people who are more successful than you,
don’t you?
But the main skill you have to develop is one of modelling others
Not copying.
I have a little story about Jesus and James.

How Do I Use Hashtags On Instagram? For The Beginner

How Do I Use Hashtags On Instagram? That is a question a lot of people have when they are starting out as a beginner on Instagram. Instagram is all about images and hashtags.So, if you are beginning to use it for business, and don’t know much about them, let me answer your question:

Steve Siebold in ‘How Rich People Think’ on Network Marketing

The masses have been ridiculing and criticizing referral marketers for over 50 years.In his book How Rich People Think, Siebold, a self made millionaire, talks about Network Marketing.
He calls it Referral Marketing. I think it is interesting to hear from someone who is not in the industry what they think about it.

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