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Focus On The Opportunity| Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind T Harv Eker Wealth File #5

Do you look at things as obstacles?
or do you see an opportunity in everything?
In the Wealth Files of T Harv Eker, he shows how your thinking affects your financial state.

Do You Really Love Me?

Do You Really Love Me?
“Bye. Love you .”
Said so quickly and easily, like “Hi” or “Bye” these days.
So when you write in a social media post:
Love you!
Do you really love me?

What Are Rich People’s Goals? Wealth File #2|Think Rich to Grow Rich

Have you ever thought about what a person with lots of money thought about before he had lots of money, or while he was creating his wealth (or she!)?

Are You An Employee Or An Entrepreneur?

So you need money to live, yes?
That is a fact of life.
Even if you practice sustainable living, you will need to buy some things.
So you need either a job, or a business.
You need to decide if you can be an employee or an entrepreneur.