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Why Am I Not Successful? An Eric Thomas Story

Eric Thomas has a great way of talking.
He knows what he is talking about, because he did it.
From the street to earning seven figures.
So when you are thinking:
Why Am I Not Successful?

One Crucial Thing Preventing Your Business Success

What is the one crucial thing preventing your business success?
Just one you ask?
Well, let’s look at it.

An Eric Thomas Speech | Motivation From The Hip Hop Preacher

Some days you need motivation, don’t you find?
And those are the days I might choose to listen to an Eric Thomas speech.
Like this one.

If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived | True Success

If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived: True Success
It’s interesting, this idea about what success is, don’t you think?
The thing is when you look at someone, and ask yourself ‘Would I consider this person successful?’
or think what it would take for you to say you were successful,
what sort of things would you look at?
Because success means different things to different people.

3 Basic Things That Affect Your Success | Tony Robbins Tells All

3 Basic Things That Affect Your Success
So it doesn’t matter which bit of your life you are trying to change,
It doesn’t matter what task it is you’re trying to do,
If you’re not getting it done look at these three things.
And yes, they are pretty basic.

How Consistency Brings Success | The King, The Wise Man and The Pigs

When you are starting off in business, and you see successful people, what do you think?
Sometimes you are inspired. Sometimes you can be resentful.
It is so, so common to think that they have something that you don’t have.
That they are special. That they are keeping back secret.
Have you heard the story of
The King, The Wise Man and The Pigs?

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