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Common Mistakes Made by Internet Marketers 6. Have a Blog.

Are you trying to start an online business and you don’t have a blog?
Is your business “not working”?
You need something on line that is yours.

One Simple Habit to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Daily Life

You know that it is good to be grateful for things?
How easy is that for you? How do you remember to be grateful?
Here is one simple thing I have found can make a big difference.

Common Mistakes Made by Internet Marketers 5. Talk to People

When you work on line, it can be quite a nice thought that you don’t have to do much with people.
Well, the truth is, that talking to people is very important in your business.
Here is a video I did, talking about it.

Common Mistakes Made by Internet Marketers 4: Expect Overnight Success

How quickly do you think you can make it?
So many people start in internet marketing and are wanting a quick fix to all their problems.
Check out my short video to help you.

Butter and Stones: a Buddhist Tale

I came across this story, which is so lovely I wanted to share it.
I love how it is written, and love the imagery and the message is one we all know, but always bears reminding ourselves.

Common Mistakes Made by Internet Marketers 3 : Not investing in yourself

Do you resent investing in yourself?
Do you think “Oh that is too expensive.”
or ” I don’t have the time to do that.”

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