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Plan Your Business and Your Life for the Next Year: Video 1

Have you thought clearly that you could Plan Your Business and Your Life for the Next Year?
Yes, a lot of people make new year resolutions, but not a lot of people keep them.
If you are running a home business, and you’re not creating results that you want, the way to get to the next level is by being serious about planning to get there.
The same applies to any part of your life!

Do You Struggle with Marketing on Social Media? Solution Revealed!

Are you using social media to recruit people into your business?
Not getting the results that you are wanting?
Do you want to know a way that works?

How to focus and increase productivity in your business.

How can you increase your productivity by increasing your focus? Sometimes you can appear to be very busy, and not actually achieve anything. Today I have shot a video about focussing more and ignoring the things that do not take you towards your goal.

7 ways to build your business with a passion

Have you met Grandma Mary? A slightly cranky social media edutainer. Listen to her tell you how to use your strengths to build your business. Think of what you really enjoy, and then do it.

How to Manage Your Time Better, Save Hours in the Day, and Succeed in Your Business

Do you feel you are working as hard as you can, and still not getting anywhere?
Does it seem you have been working for ages, without seeing results?

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