» Frugal Living And The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

  • http://www.freedompreneurbutterfly.com Stephanie D’Laroy

    Great post Louisa. Having a great positive mindset is the start to becoming The Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing :)

  • http://buildingabrandonline.com/helenlingard/ Helen Lingard

    Great post Louisa.. I actually read the other day about a couple who had been very ‘frugal’ and yet paid off their mortgage and were now travelling the world in their 30’s..I believe they had been very wise with their investments too:)

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      It is how you manage the money that makes a difference. Thanks Helen.

  • http://www.limitsgone.com Diane Andersen

    Great post Louisa, wow so full of information and its amazing how many people are living on the boarder line…
    Thanks for sharing. Di Purdy

  • http://www.sandysjar.com Sandy Mangis

    That was a great interaction between the two. It has been said that what is want is only 10% away. The other 90% is all in your mind.

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