» Starting an online business: 7 hacks to marketing your blog

  • http://www.tuffmommablog.com Vashon Borich

    Truly excellent post, Louisa! Great tips and incredible value. Thanks for writing this. Bookmarking it for my own team of new bloggers. :) I appreciate you!

    • Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks Vashon. I will be doing more blogs on blogging, so keep watching, and I hope to keep the value going for you. Louisa

  • http://www.bandofboomers.net Nancy Loehr

    Louisa – great information! Really like how you laid this out. You did a nice job. Thank you for sharing.

    • Louisa Pieterse

      Glad you got value Nancy. Louisa

  • http://LeftTurnToFreedom.com Val

    Great list Louisa! These are all very important points, thank you for sharing :)

    • Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks for reading Val! Louisa

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