» The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Blog Titles

  • http://learnit2earnitwithlynn.com Lynn Brown

    This is an awesome cheat sheet Louisa! I know that every now and then I get stuck when developing blog titles and whenever we can get some inspiration or ideas it really is helpful. Thanks for sharing the value!

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Yes, it is great for the writer’s block. Thanks, Lynn.

  • Sheena Yap Chan

    awesome cheat sheet you shared here for blog titles. makes life alot easier

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks Sheena. Anything to make things more efficient!

  • Jeff McGeary

    Wow Louisa this is an awesome list of resources! A good headline title can have someone click ON or AWAY from your blog, great tips! :-)

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks Jeff.

  • Mark Nelson

    Nice sources for blog titles. I need to pay attention to this

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      They are so helpful! Thanks Mark.

  • Clay Montgomery

    Wow, I never knew these sources existed. Thanks Louisa!

  • Christine Desmond

    This is a great post Louisa… I never even thought about finding resources to help with my blog post titles, and I often struggle to come up with something interesting… so these are definitely going into my resource file… Thanks

  • http://WorkWithRobertFrank.com Robert Frank

    Excellent resource Louisa, thanks for putting this together, this will help me a lot with my blog titles! Your post is in my favorites!

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Glad it helped, Robert!

  • http://www.freedompreneurbutterfly.com Stephanie D’Laroy

    Great post Louisa, I had no idea that there were heaps of sites to gather great blog titles. Thanks for sharing :)

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Thanks Stephanie, I hope it helps!

  • Beth Tomasovic

    Wow! I just found this post. This is fantastic information! Can’t wait to try it out….with a timer! Hahaha!

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Yes, Beth! It is good fun. Enjoy it!

  • http://larryacoates.com Larry Coates

    What a great post Louisa! Just the link to evaluate a blog title’s Emotional Marketing Value is absolutely fantastic! I took my “Very bland” title of my last post, analyzed it and was issued a score of 0.00% out of 100%. Came up with a couple of different titles and landed upon one that scores a 62.50% EMV. Probably nothing to great, bu worlds better that the original! The other thing that i learned from just this one exercise is to work on the topic, generate a high scoring blog title and then write the post to capture all of the emotion that got the title a great score! Has to make for a great post that will get plenty of interaction!

    Thanks again for this great post!!

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Isn’t it great, Larry to be able to turn from bland to exciting by changing your words!!

  • http://larryacoates.com Larry Coates

    Louisa, in your blog post entitled “The ultimate Cheat Sheet for Blog Titles” you provided a link to the Advanced Marketing Institute’s “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer” tool. What a fantastic tool that is! I use it all the time now because it definitely helps me create great titles for my blog posts. My blog titles are now consistently much better, usually resulting in an EMV score of between 62 & 65. As a case in point yesterday I used it to take a title from an EMV score of about 33% to a whopping 83.3% so it definitely helps you generate a title that will get the attention of your potential readers!

    • http://www.joinlouisa.com/ Louisa Pieterse

      Fantastic Larry!! Certainly should increase engagement! Thanks for letting me know!!

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